Kids “Make Fun” of Healthy Food


In this lunch is oatmeal with carrot sticks (that's her addition), mini chocolate chips (for the oatmeal), broccoli, apples & oranges. The chocolate bell was dessert..

Has our culture gone too far? Are families now breaking the cardinal rule of eating? How many times did mom have to tell you NOT to play with your food? Well, this mom knows a Family Fitness Guru moment when she sees it.

Naturally, I had to get out the camera and ask them to come clean with their rule bending. Quite frankly, I enjoyed their creations immensely. (They sure didn’t last long!)

Below you can enjoy a video of the kids proudly describing their creations on a totally different rule-bending occasion.


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This is great, Liz! :) I will try this with my kids!


Thanks, Wendy! Let me know how it goes.

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