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He seems pretty happy about his fitness.


Hello & Happy Sunday!

The weather in Cleveland has been dreary, yet I smile not to have to shovel snow or scrape off my windshield.

Can you smile about your fitness right now or are there things you can tweak? We are always a work in progress, but the worst thing we can do is to be complacent about our fitness. After all, if we don’t take care of ourselves, then nobody will and we probably won’t be so happy with ourselves in the coming months. So what, if anything, is holding you back from achieving the results you want?

There are plenty of wrong turns I made in my life prior to becoming serious about my fitness. Not recognizing the importance of weight-bearing exercise and eating a clean diet were big downfalls for me. I remember when I was in my early marriage, I’d go shopping and buy those strudels from the bakery. Yes, bakery is a big temptation for me, so I don’t keep it in the house. Otherwise, I’d be the fattest personal trainer in town!!

Another thing I used to struggle in and still do to this day is to get consistent workouts in throughout the week. I found that the days I’d get up before the kids and exercise for even 20-30 minutes (usually that was my time for intervals on the treadmill or bike), then I’d not only feel more energized during the rest of the day, but I’d also be more mindful about what I was putting in my mouth.

Whenever I made a decision to be successful about my fitness, then I was making progress. Whenever I talked down about myself and got frustrated and did nothing, then I got no positive results.

Let’s face it, fitness is a mindset. You have to want it.

Are you kidding yourself? Do you think it’s just in your genes to be overweight or to have cravings for salt or sugar? I invite you to read an article about my friend, Brian, from Montreal, who felt defeated about his overweight physique. He looks great now and has inspiration to share about how he changed his mindset. I had nothing to do with his journey, but I read his story and thought you’d really like it.

I first met Brian four years ago in Stamford, CT. He was inspiring audiences back then with his story and education.


If your mind has gotten you down, then you’ll lose.

Are you ready to win?

Check out his story in this link: you are in the Cleveland area seeking weight loss or fitness solutions for yourself or your family, then please visit

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