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What kind of magic can you work in your life this year?


It is such a relief to know that every morning we can start fresh with a clean slate and that we can do that any time during the year. A new year is simply a reminder for most people of a promising new beginning. As they say, out with the old (the old that’s not working so well, that is) and in with the new.

You have made it past a very busy holiday season. Let us evaluate how you are making time for your own fitness, your own passions and your recovery from those things. It all begins with setting goals and making a decision to work toward them.

Henry Ford had said, Read More→

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Hottest 5 Chrismas Fitness Tips

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You asked for tips, so I’m going to throw them at you!! Whether you belong to a gym or exercise at home (or wish you did either), then you’ll have something to sink your teeth into without guilt!

Yeah, it’s a busy time.

Yeah, goodies abound.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


1. You can make excuses or you can make fitness gains, but you can’t do both.

But you also have control over your schedule. If you think you don’t, then you need to Read More→

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Top 5 Stress-Busting Tips

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As you prepare for the end of school year, graduation parties, weddings, vacation preps, etc. your summer may not be as relaxing as you dreamed it.

What are the first things to suffer?

Your relationship to God, your workouts, food preparation (if you even had that in the first place), schedules and breathing! Read More→


St. Patrick’s Day Fitness Tips

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I took a look at what our friends on the Emerald Isle might be doing for fitness and ran across this testament to staying fit through the winter months. Take a look, listen to the benefits and then ask yourself if you’re letting your fitness decline because it’s cold or rainy outside.

No need to suffer in the Cleveland snow for a workout (although you can get some amazing amounts of calories burned up outside), visit the best Cleveland fitness boot camp for a free two-week test drive. With spring just around the corner, you’ll want to experience how quickly those pounds can drop!

Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!

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Although I don’t see anything wrong with saying good-bye to abundance prior to a season of penance and fasting, I do see the need to offer tips to help ease your body into the fasting mode.

If you celebrate Mardi Gras, you might consider your approach, especially if fitness is important to you. The typical high-calorie fried pancakes, pierogies and fatty treats are quick to store up as body fat. If your goal is to remain fit, then this approach will help you.

If you celebrate Ash Wednesday with fasting from food -in my Catholic tradition we are allowed to eat bread and water three times a day or have one single, meatless, normal-sized meal- then you will want to ease your body into this day of detox rather than shock it into a low-calorie intake after a high-calorie day. Read More→

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