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Exercise During Your Pregnancy Parts 1&2

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My friend, David Kittner, from Active Wellness Bootcamps in Brampton, Ontario, asked me to put together a little info that he could share with his campers.  This info is essential for any woman contemplating how to exercise or whether to exercise while she is pregnant.  Be sure to pass this on so as to dispel any myths about activity.  Here are parts 1 and 2.  Enjoy and share your thoughts.

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New moms, it’s okay to eat -Part II

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I'm not suggesting this by any means.  You don't want to have to wear a bib anyway.

Whoa, Nelly! I'm not suggesting this by any means. Although there are times when wearing plastic could come in handy!

New moms, it’s okay to eat. If you’re hungry, then eat. If you’re breastfeeding, then eat. You don’t have to feel guilty. This is a great time to eat because your metabolism is revved up because you’re nursing AND your body needs those extra calories. Here are some guidelines to help ease the anxiety:

1. If you are concerned about getting fatter, then make sure you include Read More→

Despite our sacrifices, kids bring light into the world.

Despite our sacrifices, kids bring light into the world. This is when my four-year-old was five months. His sister is now almost six.

I was throwing a party for my four-year-old son today and was talking with a friend, who just had a second baby nine weeks ago. She is an avid exerciser and struggled with an eating disorder in her teenage years. So, her increased appetite and fears of getting fat after a baby really concerned her.

She seemed relieved when I told her that it’s okay to eat, especially if breast-feeding (and she is). I breast-fed all three of my kids (now almost 6, 4 and 2).

Being a personal trainer/exercise nerd, adding a little extra padding and being hungry all the time postpartum was really hard for me. Really. I had to tell myself that I was giving my child brain food and I had to replenish my nutrition for my own body – otherwise my body would give to the baby.

Stay tuned for Part II on some tips to keep fit while postpartum.