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Detox day 12: It’s Over!!!

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This post marks the end of my ease-in phase and lemonade drinking days! I was getting hungry those last few days but kept my eyes on the prize. Take a look at what I suggest to be the ease-out phases and how I’ll be cycling my nutrition back into the picture. As always, freely post your comments.

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Detox day 11: How do you make it portable?

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I was heading off to bed in preps for a day away from home. Come see how I made up my lemonade tonic and the tools I used to be able to continue the detox away from home.

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What do a full-body detox and the world’s major religions have in common?  And other fascinating revelations as I experience days #9 & 10 of this total body cleanse.  Watch, listen & post. :)

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Detox Day #8: Chin-stroking changes afoot

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I’m past the halfway point!! Woohoo!  But I am noticing some pretty interesting changes with this detox.  Take a look at the video.  I might add that I’m no longer weight training for the remainder of the cleanse as I feel myself losing energy.  So, I’ll honor my body and stay with gentler forms of exercise.

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Detox days 5&6 – The dirty scoop!

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Today I am journaling two days of my detox on the Master Cleanse. Watch the video for some healthy perspective on the self image for mothers in particular. Get the inside scoop on healthy bowel function. And listen to my food for thought commentary at the end of the video.

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