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I have been following Dr. Pam Popper, a naturopath from Columbus, Ohio, and was moved to write this post about a study she brought to my attention, that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  Here it is.

Overweight teenagers, even those on the high side of normal, are at increased risk of developing heart disease in adulthood, even if they outgrow their weight problems, according to a recent study.  There’s a full article here.

For every 1 point increase in BMI, increases the risk of heart disease by 12%. Even those kids slightly overweight are at risk, which means that slightly overweight youth compound the overweight problem instead of obese children alone.

27,674 healthy young men were followed in order to determine the incidence of heart disease and diabetes Read More→

1. Hire a qualified trainer and ask about his or her qualifications and continuing education.  Volunteers most likely do not have the instruction and latest research to work with developing bodies.  The International Youth Conditioning Association specializes in youth sports and fitness training for fitness professionals.  That is the best place to start searching credentials. Read More→

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The New York Times reports that strength training for children is essential.  Recent research shows that children between the ages of 6-18 benefit from strength training by getter stronger and reducing their chance of injury.  The children experienced improved nerve-to-muscle (neuromuscular) communication, which suggests that weight training improves a child’s physical development and is an essential element of their nervous system growth (my emphasis added). Read More→

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Hungry for Fun!

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The house is a mess, life is stressful, and the kids are full of energy, so this is what we do:

I am grateful that we only hunger for a good time, but there are many children who actually eat so few calories a day because they live in poverty. That is why through the end of the year, I am on a mission to serve 3,200 meals to Cleveland’s poor through the Cleveland Food Bank. At least 1,060 meals will go to children. You can help provide 200 meals and sweat off your excess! :)


Scared of Halloween Sugar?

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Don't let "Post-Party Syndrome" affect your sanity.

There is no doubt that Halloween sugar can wreak havoc on a household’s sanity, let alone the immune system.  I’m all for giving kids the experience of trick-or-treating or parties, but the abundance of sugar is literally sickening.

As a single mom, this holiday can be daunting to me until I came across these excellent ideas.  So, I am sharing them with you in order to reduce the amount of sugar and spare your children’s immune systems, particularly their disease-fighting white blood cells, from becoming paralyzed by sugar.  Yes, that does happen.  Is it any wonder why cold and flu season Read More→