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A balanced, quick lunch idea for the kids

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School is drawing near and heck, summer is just as busy (who am I kidding?). Isn’t it refreshing to be able to draw on some standard fare that you can keep in your kitchen for those rushed times of life and still give your family a healthy meal?

Here’s a lunch idea that I whipped up for my kids (ages 2, 4 & 6) that was simple, quick and nutritious.  It helps to keep the ingredients on hand at all times. Of course, feel free to improvise with other healthy items.

Whole-grain Peanut Butter Sandwich

(my kids are little, so a half sandwich for each one suffices).  I gave them tomatoes from the garden (harvest time is upon us!!), carrots or cucumber and apple slices and these neat potato and corn chips that I found at a health-food store.  The chips are a bonus as I usually do not buy them, but the ingredients were few and did not have dies, preservatives, MSG, nor trans-fats.

I try to think in terms of balancing proteins, starches, fibrous carbohydrates (veggies/fruits) and healthy fats with every meal I feed my kids.  There are times when they are not eating that way; however, I am less guilty and they are more healthy for my feeding them responsibly the rest of the time.  The main reason I do this aside from general health is to keep their blood-sugar in balance.  Ever notice that melt downs occur before mealtime or, hopefully not, during the time a meal should be happening?

If you want more ideas on staples to keep in stock for quick nutrition, then see my latest article called “Quick Ideas for Family Nutrition.” Start planning now how brown bag lunches to school or work can be healthier for your family.

What are some quick and healthy lunch ideas you recommend?

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The government is here to help again.  And I have a bridge to sell you.  Oh, wait. Did I say “help”? I meant to say “raid”.

Well, the ever heavy-handed, the ever bullying Ohio Department of Agriculture is at it again.  The Stowers family in LaGrange, Ohio has been running a legitimate organic foods-based co-op and family farm for almost twenty years.  With ten children in the house, the ODA raided their home, with the help of local police, earlier this month and held the family hostage for six hours!

They brandished guns, got rough and Read More→


Little+active+outside = healthy kids

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As the weather is growing more gray. bitter and cold, I am reminded of the lush, green abundance of late summer.

Part of family fitness is maintaining my own edible garden during the growing season.  When kids get an interest in how our food grows, then they are more understanding and willing to eat healthier.

Nothing works as well to interests the kids’ in plant life as watching mom dig around and being able to help themselves with planting seeds, watching the produce and, of course, sneaking a few sprigs of chives into their mouths.

Here’s my youngest in the late spring feeling his way around a garden box.

So as winter takes its hold on our climate, I send you a reminder of the glories of summer and hope that Read More→