Meet Liz

I’ve been a personal trainer since 2001.  I began my private studio because I detested the corporate work environment in which I toiled.  In fact, in the first three months at my corporate job, I earned my measly salary.  The rest of the year I was slaving for a top-heavy, multi-layered, old boy’s network.  (I have nothing against old boys, networks or even those who are top-heavy, but adding the layers was just too overbearing!)

It propelled me to pursue my passion fully, which is imparting better fitness on others, which I hoped would lead them to better joy, inner peace and true health.  So I studied and became certified by two different organizations.  As luck would have it, the corporation that employed me removed my position after losing it’s biggest advertising client.  With great relief, I pursued work at a different full-time job while I established my personal training business.

As my business took off and I was seeing clients, I yearned for more knowledge (I still do) and truly desired the best for my clients.  Over the subsequent years, my husband and I started a family, which quickly grew to three kids in 45 months of time (you do the math).  Sadly, my marriage degraded, especially as my third child turns two, and I found myself in the role of single mother, albeit a much happier and improved one.

My life has taken a strange but fascinating turn as I feel God has brought me people and information to direct me in fulfilling my life’s purpose.  I understand fully that I am to bridge the gap between parents and kids, to encourage families to achieve better fitness in body, mind and spirit as it relates to them.  To say I am excited about this could be the classic British understatement of the year (no offense to our UK friends).  If spontaneous combustion is possible as a result of zeal, then somebody would have a heck of a mess to clean -and I have no maid service at my house.

So here I am, ready to serve!

Liz Donnelly is a proud member of National Association of Professioal Women, International Youth Conditioning Association, Lakewood Early Childhood PTA and Junior Women’s Club of Lakewood, single mother of three, and IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist and Owner of Training by Liz, LLC.

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